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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

1. Hidden Wires

Innovatively designed desks that cater to organised wire arrangements or a snazzy product to get those pesky wires out of the way helps prevent work spaces and desktops looking messy and disorganised, this trend will aim to keep wires hidden and offices looking cleaner.

2. The homey feel trend

Work spaces are getting homier! Which means offices have welcoming furniture fit for a residential home more than your traditional office space. You will start seeing wooden desks that remind you of kitchen tables at home with a colourful palette instead of the conventional monotone vibes. A carefully selected choice of colours can make a huge difference to the productivity and creativity of employees.

3. More of the outside in the office

Nature has always impacted design. Now it’s having a big impact on the office space too. You may see wooden installations and floral fabrics floating around the office. More plants will be cropping up and works of art that display nature. In the past nature and offices have been far removed from each other but, nature is making a comeback!

4. Convertible desks

AFA Members with various products are adapting to this growing need. People are discovering that standing and working is not only better for your physiology and posture, but it makes a break from the norm. This goes for seating during meetings too. Sometimes staff won’t want to sit for the entire hour (or sometimes 3! You know how meetings go…)

5. Special areas especially for chilling!

Designated lounging areas - Mangers and CEOs are recognising the need for employees to unwind and take a complete step back from what they are doing. So there are more sofas, bean bags, coffee areas, grass patches and more to facilitate relaxed collaboration and a calmer ambience.


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