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Fantastic Furniture Failure

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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Victorian Government Not Keeping Kids Safe

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Andrews Labor Government headlines scream ‘$730 Million To Fix Our Schools And Keep Our Kids Safe’ (source: and then puts them directly in the line of fire.   Read More . . .

Quality of Australian Furniture vs Imports

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Australians are becoming more and more aware that imported products are not always suitably tested to meet Australian standards. The Australian Furniture Association (AFA) is responding to consumer concerns over quality and durability with Furntech-AFRDI* who test a wide-range of office and domestic furniture.    Read More . . .

Standards and Testing the Australian way in global markets

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

AFA Members enjoy discounted access to Furntech-AFRDI services and from time to time it is important to remind members of the critical issues related to standards and testing for best practice and also protecting your brand from any potential litigation.

AFRDI provides research, standards development, and the building of new testing equipment that builds value into their offering, but a recent spate of ‘false’ claims that a product has been tested by AFRDI or falsified documents which accompany products has the AFA on high alert.

AFRDI are tackling the many diverse issues which arise from the introduction of the ‘Green Tick’, and in helping clients through the compliance process. A number of companies have clearly identified the commercial advantages of having product which is qualified under this scheme and this was also highlighted during the AFA CEO’s recent visit to Shanghai, China for the Furniture China Expo.

‘The Australian BRAND is synonymous with clean, green, quality design and manufacture’, says Patrizia Torelli, CEO of the AFA. ‘During my visit to Shanghai, I encountered a number of furniture distributors who all hold the Australian furniture industry in high esteem, but the secret to success is not based on being able to compete on price. This particular market expects high end, quality designed product that meets all of the standards and epitomises the image of the Australian way of life which is so aspirational to many markets.’

There has been a steady increase in the number of clients who have sought testing to the various levels offered under the AFRDI Rated Loan Standard. Rated Load and AFRDI Green Tick are stand-outs in a world of sameness, where ‘green’ qualifications range from the rubber stamp variety through to the serious players. The AFRDI ‘Green Tick’ is at the very serious end of the spectrum – and an award which is garnering a good deal of respect in the marketplace, both locally and abroad. 

The AFRDI mark and logo are highly valued. The AFA reminds members that use of these marks and logos, either inadvertently or deliberate misuse of the AFRDI registered trade mark or name in association with product which has not been tested by AFRDI, will incur serious action.

The Furntech-AFRDI reputation is highly valued internationally, and AFRDI are attracting clients globally, despite the usual caveats about the high Australian dollar and the cost of freight.

The AFA supports the Furntech-AFRDI view that the Australian furnishing industry continues to feel cautiously confidant about the future, because as governments and the private business sector raise the bar, there is need for fully-compliant furniture to meet these expectations. 

‘In the coming weeks the AFA will provide information related to these potential global markets and the top tips for doing business in a different way,’ says Ms Torelli. ‘But more importantly we will be highlighting substandard ‘quality assurance’ programs which my bring our industry into disrepute.’ 

AFA Members are reminded of the benefits which come with being part of the buying power with our reciprocal partners and are encouraged to actively engage with the AFA on any matter which is relevant to their business. The AFA are proud to recommend Furntech-AFRDI as the premier standards testing provider in Australia.
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