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AFA joins for Exclusive Online Store for AFA Members

We are excited to announce that the Australian Furniture Association has entered into an EXCLUSIVE partnership with ConnectFurniture on behalf of AFA Members. The agreement enables AFA Members to set up and operate their own online showroom at significantly reduced rates and without the huge costs of building their own site. is Australia’s central online marketplace for furniture, connecting over 2 million domestic and commercial furniture buyers with hundreds of furniture sellers and 30,000+ products nationally. 

Full details of how the service operates can be found here:  

Furniture sellers of all sizes, styles and price points have their own online showroom within the site, where they offer their products, run sales and clearances, and sell their products. Buyers can search on the site, then buy directly from the sellers, online or at the seller’s physical store where applicable. 

The AFA Member deal is exclusive to AFA Platinum Members and not available to any other furniture or furnishing related body or individual seller. AFA Platinum Members will now be able to: 

>> Increase product SALES - online and in store 

>> Instantly access 2 million furniture shoppers – both nationally and internationally 

>> Run regular sales and promotions to active buyers 

>> Operate their own online showroom without the huge costs associated with building their own 

>> Receive market intelligence on shoppers and product preferences 

>> Be a part of Email Marketing to databases of furniture buyers on a global scale 

>> Receive free assistance with optimising their own online showroom for greater results 

ConnectFurniture will provide all the technical support and assistance to help you create and operate your online showroom AT NO CHARGE


Contact AFA: Edi Re, Membership Officer 

Ph: 03 9856 1600, Email:

Contact ConnectFurniture: New Seller Support 

Ph: 03 8606 4800, Email:

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