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There is a long chain of hard-working Australians involved in delivering beautifully-crafted, locally made furniture to your door. There is estimated to be over 200,000 Australians employed by the local furniture industry, from timber workers to skilled artisans to manufacturers to distributors to retail assistants, designers, craftsmen, in all shapes and sizes, from family businesses to local employees.

This means there are thousands of individuals that benefit when you choose to buy Australian made furniture and therefore choosing Australian is a great way to support the industry and help stimulate the Australian economy.

The Australian furniture industry has a strong reputation for quality furniture supported by a high level of customer service and care.

• By buying locally you are more connected to the person that made and sold the furniture.

• You have greater opportunity to view the piece, to touch and feel the materials and to ask questions of the manufacturer before you buy.

Generally, Australian furniture manufacturers offer shorter delivery times, so you can enjoy your new purchase sooner. They also offer more reliable and more efficient after sales service, making it easier to contact the manufacturer directly with any questions about how to care for or repair your new piece.

When you buy Australian made furniture, be proud of the contribution you are making to your local community and the national economy.

• You are supporting our local manufacturers and retailers

• You are rewarding the talents and crafts of our local artisans and designers

• You are contributing to the protection of our unique environment by selecting quality Australian made furniture produced from sustainable materials

• You are choosing to buy Australian furniture that is created from quality materials

The benefits to you of buying Australian made furniture are:

• Comparable Cost

• Bespoke options

• Innovative design

• Quality craftsmanship

• Sustainably sourced quality materials, supported by the most stringent environmental, health and safety standards.

• Shorter delivery times

• Exceptional and available after sales service

Whatever your budget, whatever your taste, buy Australian made furniture and enjoy quality furniture for years to come.

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