Bespoke Furniture Makers

Bespoke Furniture Makers are a passionate group of furniture makers with a focus on custom made products, who often work alone or in a small business environment. By coming together as a group within the AFA, Bespoke Furniture Makers receive many benefits that cannot be achieved alone: 

- As a Member of the AFA, Bespoke Furniture Makers have a voice;
- AFA Members receive an automatic level of credibility and trust from clients;
- AFA Members have access to all communication/media channels by way of press releases, media interviews, social media and the AFA’s 20,000 plus strong Database;
- The AFA lobbies to all levels of Government on behalf of Bespoke Makers as an important segment of the entire industry supply chain;
- As a group Bespoke Furniture Makers needs are heard and recognised and acted upon;
- Bespoke Furniture Makers have true holistic representation in the Australian and International market;
- The AFA acts as a brand ambassador by endorsing all AFA Member’s products - FURNITEX connect branding and name recognition in National and International arenas;
- International Marketing opportunities become available;
- Access to a number of professional services including HR, Training, Legal and Financial advice;
- Discounted advertising in all AFA publications and standards testing programs;
- Networking Opportunities;
- Skills Sharing Resources;
- Up to 25%+ Member discounts for AFA design competitions, events and award programs.  

Future Opportunities: 

- An online store for Bespoke Furniture Makers products on the AFA website;
- AFA assessment for ‘Master Makers' accreditation.  

Bespoke Furniture Makers represent a growing number of the AFA’s membership and as such the combined voices are heard at the AFA. The AFA team works with all members on their requirements, ideas and suggestions. We are an Association that works with its Members, for its Members and on behalf of its Members.

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